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Matrioska Clinic
The best Gynecological and Obstetric specialists in Cartagena
Obstetrics and pregnancy
We take care of you and your baby from before conception until delivery

About us

Matrioska Maternal and Child Clinic offers you the best Gynecological and Obstetric specialists in Cartagena. Dr. Carolina Ortíz and Dr. Jorge Salas will give you a professional, close and friendly treatment. We have the best team of professionals. A gynecology team designed by and for women. Fully available for you in Cartagena. At Matrioska we have created a gynecology unit that covers all stages of women, from childhood to menopause. The experience of our gynecologists together with our state-of-the-art ultrasound machines allow optimal care for each patient. Our gynecology practice at Clínica Matrioska dedicates the time and resources necessary to each patient for optimal diagnosis and treatment.


Experts in gynecology and sexual health. Put yourself in the best hands for your gynecological check-up.

We take care of you and your baby from before conception until delivery.

Changes in vaginal discharge, itching and genital infection, Bartholinitis, Abscesses.

We advise our patients on the ideal contraceptive method to use according to the specific needs of each woman.

Polycystic ovary syndrome, Painful and abundant periods, Absence of period, Alterations of the hormonal cycle.

Diagnosis and treatment of symptoms associated with menopause.

We are specialists in diagnosis and treatment of Endometriosis



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